E-Commerce marketing automation platform

Storeo is an eCommerce email marketing automation platfrom that combines real time analytics, segmentation and omni-channel marketing tools. Our mission is to provide one simple solution to the complex need of eCommerce businesses with an easy to use backoffice eCommerce dashboard.

Our eCommerce CRM enables you to know, understand, and target leads and customers with advanced segementation and tailored sales messages. Store Pilots is designed to empower and unlock the sales potential of small and medium eCommerce websites who use WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify and any other eCommerce CMS via our REST API.

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Storeo CRM increases your eCommerce sales & ROI

eCommerce CRM - know your customers

Communicate painlessly with your leads and customers via our real time live chat while we create and keep to date your leads and customer profiles with their personal information, order history & statistics about their account.

eCommerce Analytics - measure your ROI

Storeo provides you with real-time data and actionable analytics about your leads and customers. Go further than most store managers and use advanced segmentation and triggers to easily target and personalize your sales messages.

Email marketing automation for eCommerce

Unleash the power of email marketing automation through targeted and behavior-based emails that are sent automatically to specific segments. Unlock new sales potential and increase your ROI.

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Storeo is the best eCommerce CRM & eCommerce email automation platform

Take your eCommerce customer relationship management to the next level with storeo CRM. Collect and analyze all your customer data in order to make smarter and automated sales actions for maximum ROI.

eCommerce CRM plugins for Woocommerce, Magento & Shopify

Connect your online store with Storeo with our easy to use plugins and start selling in a couple minutes. Just create an account on our website and install our plugin on your eCommerce CMS. Storeo delivers the best eCommerce CRM and email marketing automation experience for the most popular eCommerce CMS in the market. Managing an eCommerce has never been easier.

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Still wondering why your need an eCommerce CRM?

A CRM can make your life as an eCommerce manager much easier. Here are 3 important links about this subject:

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